Matt's here now:

((OOC: Ok, Matt’s moving here now. I wanted to keep everything, but a lot of things in Matt’s life changed, and he is no longer aware of most of what happened before. Sorry I know its annoying and I got a lot of followers on this account, but it wouldn’t be fair otherwise))

bakuraisjustbritish asked:
It was a welcome back present. I missed you. *grins* (No really, I did. I love roleplaying with you because you're amazing and yeah.)

…I didn’t go anywhere? You alright, Haleigh? *tosses her the other controller*

bakuraisjustbritish asked:
*throws a bag of cheetos at his head*

-grabs, sees they aren’t spicy, chucks them back at her- Try again.

onlynear-deactivated20121211 asked:
Do you dye your hair often?

Not at all, do you?

shovelchin asked:
So... No high fives?

-spares a glance, doesn’t recognize, continues playing- 


acccelerator asked:
Hai :3. I'm just here to say that I'm looking forward for you to come back. You are seriously the best Matt here. I love role playing with you and I love to read you role plays, soooo.. Yes. That's all, hope to see you soon, right? :3

//oh wow, thanks ;u;, anddd looks like he’s finally back, and I can’t wait//

The crazy thing is you don’t actually have any control over anything.

The laws of logic were never actually guaranteed, we just begin to assume they are, because 19, 20, 60 years of consistency seems like a hell of a long time to us.

After all, it’s the only time we have, you know?

That is, until logic decides to play tricks on our stupid, puny little minds.

Then you become something else entirely. You have no physical way of knowing that actually, many people live many lives. You’re sitting on your couch one day, and then the next moment everything changes. You probably have the same name, you might even be in the same shitty old flat, but its not the same world you used to know. You’re memories suddenly dissipate into new ones, and your brain isn’t the same.

The secret of life is you were never actually in control.

Don’t you feel so fucking stupid?

OOC: Hiatus

I’m taking a 1-2 week hiatus to figure things out. If you want to talk to me, you can find me on my personal, or on the blog I’m making for Y ( Matt’s still first priority, but I think taking a break and focusing on a different character for a while might help.

In the meantime, I would love any suggestions, tips, or criticisms that you have for me. Just leave them in the ask, which I will be checking periodically. Anon is fine.

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ceiling cat watches you masturbate.

Mello’s throwing memes at me. That high.

I’m not high, Fucker. Now get me a pizza. 

Way to get my hopes up. And you don’t like pizza.

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